• What is eduranto?

    eduranto is an online application helping people to learn quicker, remember longer and manage their knowledge in an effective and fun way.

  • What is in it for you?

    • learn quicker
    • be productive
    • have fun learning
    • become smarter
  • How it works?

    eduranto provides a complete platform where you can:

    • save information to the could
    • connect to other people and learn together
    • search and browse notes
    • plan, track and analyse your learning

    and make use of a set of features inspired by methods of efficient learning like:

    • mind maps
    • reminders
    • mnemonics
    • and more
  • What is unique?

    all these features enable eduranto to use and crunch massive data on learning activities to optimize the way people learn by recommending them:

    so that you can learn right things at the right time, in the right way.

    and although it uses such a comprehensive approach, it maintains a simple, intuitive interface. All you need to do is concentrate on learning whatever skill you want to master.

  • Why us?

    eduranto's team consists of true geeks. Learning is actually what we do on a daily basis and are passionate about. Our background includes Computer Science, Econometrics and Machine Learning - so you can rest assured we have the skills and drive to help you learn better.

  • How do we do it?


      What is it about?

      Set a goal.
      Mark your progress.
      Stay motivated and succeed.


      "I will speak Mandarin before I go to China. I need 90 hours. Oh, Mark works on it too! Let's exchange notes."


      What is it about?

      Visualise data.
      Notice gaps and trends.
      Develop your learning strategy.


      "So my knowledge is 45% of software development, 33% of business skills, and 22% of literature. I need more marketing skills."


      What is it about?

      Get tips about valuable notes.
      Discover interesting people with similar interests.
      Continously expand your knowledge base and horizons.


      "Interesting, new paleo diet recipe... I think I will follow the author, I might learn some new tricks."


      What is it about?

      Follow other experts.
      Share and receive information.
      Collaborate with others to learn more effectively.


      "This Tom Jackson here has five years experience in PHP development. Let's follow him and found a start-up."


      What is it about?

      Analyze statistics.
      Get to know your brain better.
      Gain the upper hand over the information overload.


      "Hmm, it seems I never open these "NLP" notes. They need to go. I'll better focus on coding."

    • SEARCH

      What is it about?

      Find detailed information.
      Search your own and others notes.
      Save time before hitting up big search engines


      "How do I implement 'lazy load' in javascript? Ha, I knew I'd done it before. And so did Martin and Paul. Let's check it."

    • REVIEW

      What is it about?

      Schedule note repetitions.
      Get reminders in the app or to your email.
      Increase knowledge retention by spaced repetitions.


      "Ok, I really need to memorize these dates. Let eduranto send me an e-mail with them tomorrow at 5."